Beginners Golf Lessons

Get your technique right from the start

Golf is hard, even the professionals hit bad shots. Bolton Performance Golf can set you on the right track with lessons structured for those that have never played the game. These lessons provide an introduction to golf to get you well on the way to enjoying this great sport.

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Beginners Golf Lessons Melbourne

Bolton Performance Golf operates from a custom-built teaching facility. A perfect place to run beginner golf lessons. Located on the practice range at Rosebud Country Club, it has all you need.  A two hundred plus metre driving range, chipping and putting and practice bunker.

Pupils can arrange for a beginner golf lesson dedicated to:

  • swing improvement
  • chipping
  • putting
  • bunker play. 

Beginner golf lessons are under the personal supervision of Matt Bolton. Matt is the Teaching Pro at the Rosebud Country Club. A Certified PGA Member, specialising in Advanced Coaching, Matt holds several certifications from the TPI.

TPI is the Titleist Performance Institute. It is the leading worldwide operation devoted to golf improvement and development. Matt is a Golf Fitness Instructor and Junior Coach Level 2.

Want to learn how to play golf properly?

Thinking of starting to play golf? Have you had a taste of the game and feel that golf addiction setting in? Start on the right track at Bolton Performance Golf and book a beginners golf lesson.

Take the correct steps and get your game right first. Before rushing on the course, beginners golf lessons can start you on the way. They enable you to build a solid foundation to build on.

The Rosebud Country Club has practice chipping area, putting green and practice bunker. Bolton Performance Gol use this for all ranges of golf lessons.

The beginners golf lesson is a combination of theory and practice. Coupled with actual practice on the range. On conclusion of each golf lesson the pupil given drills which they can carry out. Either on the range or at home. This will help to improve the specific element that was the subject of the golf lesson.

Packages are available for pupils learn the game of golf. These golf lessons occur over a longer period. This enables the pupil to master each element prior to moving onto the next stage.