Golf Club Sales on the Mornington Peninsula

Bolton Performance Golf offer a comprehensive range of clubs which are all custom fitted.

We are all different and “custom fitting” ensures you get clubs which suit you and your swing.

Data is collected on your existing clubs on the latest swing analysis equipment. This enables Matt to select clubs suited to you and your swing and you will be able to see the improvement in performance you can expect from the proposed clubs. This means you can make your   decision based on fact, not appearance and feel.

A quotation will be prepared for your consideration. Once you place your order an order will be placed with the selected supplier who will build your clubs to meet your individual needs.

Your clubs, normally available within a week of order placement will be checked by Matt to ensure they meet your specifications prior to you collecting them.

Once you have played a few rounds Matt will arrange for you to have a session where the FlightScope will be used to establish the distances you can expect from each club. A chart will be produced and laminated so that you can attach to your bag for easy reference.

All the clubs offered by Bolton Performance Golf are priced below the manufacturers recommended selling price ensuring you get the best value package on the Mornington Peninsula.