Most Amateur Golfers suffer from the following flaws:

  • Inconsistent misalignment: Inconsistent alignment cannot be compensated.
  • Poor Setup Position: Grip, Body Angles, Head & Eye Position, Misfit Putter.

The new Odyssey Red Ball putter has been specifically designed to address and improve two of the most important areas that influence your putting performance. From my experiences with SAM PuttLab I have learnt that a sound setup and good consistent alignment is paramount if you want to become a good putter.

The Odyssey Red Ball is a very simple system that will allow you to setup consistently before each and every putt. Having the right set up and alignment is crucial for any player, and this innovative new design is all about getting you properly positioned over the ball.

The New Odyssey Red Ball has some very impressive features to help you lower your scores.

Red Ball For Easy and Consistent Setup

The Red Ball in the scope of the putter allows you to consistently get your eyes into the proper setup position over the ball.

Improved Alignment with Versa Technology

Odyssey have continued on with their Versa high contrast technology. This helps you align the putter so you can get set up on your intended line more consistently.

White Hot Sound and Feel

Odysseys White Hot RX insert provides you with fantastic feel off the face and great roll. To make more putts you have to get the line AND the speed right, and combining Red Ball and Versa with White Hot will help you do just that.

More Forgiveness From A Mallet Shape

Odysseys mallet design in Red Ball has allowed them to take weight out of the center of the head and redistribute it into the perimeter of the head. This creates a more stable putter head and provide for more consistent speed control and directional control.

Putting makes up 43% of your shots for a stipulated round of Golf. If you are looking for reasonably priced, face-balanced mallet putter that is guaranteed to improve your putting performance, then the Odyssey Red Ball might be worth checking out.

Bolton Performance Golf utilises SAMPutt Lab, V1 Branded Academy Motion Analysis Software & high-speed cameras to measure your putting stroke. An Analysis of the data then takes place to ensure that you get the precise Putter specifications you need to optimise your putting performance on the golf course.

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